We freelance writers spend a lot of time online. We are either researching for our upcoming feature article, collaborating with clients, learning a new skill, interacting with other freelancers or marketing our freelance writing services. Wouldn’t it be great if we had resources that would ease some of our online burdens, so we could spend a little extra time with our families, our facebook accounts or with the latest novel?

In my last blog post I covered 5 Killer Websites Freelance Writers Will Love. This blog post covers five more websites in the same vein. Note that these websites don’t assist freelance writers from the inform/teach angle (ala freelanceswitch or freelancefolder), rather these are websites that help you ‘do’. You will understand what I mean when you read what each website does. I am a freelance writer and I love using them. I am sure you will too.

PaperRater: This website is a plagiarism detector, spelling and grammar checker and article quality estimator rolled into one. Moreover, it’s absolutely free. Look at these screenshots that show the results I received when I ran my blog post ‘3 Reasons Every Freelance Writer Should Use Wikipedia’ through PaperRater:
Notice how the originality rating is only 92%, because it has detected the same content on LinkedIn - where I had shared the blog post in two groups.

Untiny: As writers, we have to be active readers, and most of us are. As freelance writers, we have to be marketers, and most of us are. These two points together probably explain why many of us are on social networking websites and tend to click any and every link that we think would lead to an interesting, informative article.

However, recent online security research has revealed that tiny urls (the shortened forms of long urls), which are very prevalent on social networking sites, are increasingly being misused. Here’s an article that explains how Tiny Urls are used as Phishing Links.

Untiny.me is an incredible resource in this scenario. It, as its name suggests, reveals the long url that the tiny url masks. For instance, look at this screenshot:

LetterMeLater: Ever wished you could schedule emails? With LetterMeLater.com, you can. So, if you want your email to be the first one your client sees when he arrives in office, schedule it for 9.00 am his time. Similarly, if you want to send Christmas wishes to all the editors you work for at Christmas eve – you can easily schedule that too.

LetterMeLater also allows you to set up recurring emails – that is, you can send an email more than once at specific time intervals. For instance, if I want to send reminders for a webinar I am hosting next month to my email list, I can easily schedule the reminder email to be sent once every week for the four weeks leading up to the webinar. Here’s a screenshot – clean, user-friendly and free:

What Should I Read Next: Stephen King, one of the best writers of our time, has been quoted as saying: “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others; read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I am aware of, no shortcut.

As freelance writers, I assume all of us do enough writing daily. What I’d like to know is how many of us read regularly. (By read I don’t mean tweets or facebook statuses). What real world reading do you do? How many books have you read in the past three months?

This website is a great resource for those who love to read. All you do is enter the name of a book you liked reading and it will recommend books similar to the one you’ve liked - there is a high probability that you will like the recommendations just as much. Here’s a screenshot of one of my searches:

IFTTT: ‘If This Then That’ is an awesome website – in fact awesome’s not a good enough word. It helps you automate many of your small tasks. I will try to explain how it works, but you won’t completely understand it’s awesomeness until you use it yourself.
It allows you to combine two related or unrelated web services and create a new ‘recipe’. For instance, here are a few of the many recipe combinations you can create and use:

  • If someone follows me on Twitter, send him/her a welcome message
  • Whenever I am tagged in a photo on Facebook, send it to my Dropbox account
  • Send me an sms when Apple makes any official announcement about the iPhone (very useful for tech freelance writers)

The possibilities are immense and the permutations and combinations using various web services almost infinite.

Here’s a screenshot of the website – clean, very easy to use and free:

What are your favorite websites? Are they useful for freelance writers - then do share them in the comment box. 

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Author: Urooj Kazi is a professional freelance writer. To hire her, visit this website's Contact Urooj page. 


09/15/2012 17:11

I had never heard of any of these apps, so this is really valuable for me. Thanks Urooj! I particularly like the idea of LetterMeLater for sending out status reports to client on a Monday morning. Also IFTTT is amazing!

09/16/2012 08:37

Glad to help, Damien. :)

And, thanks for subscribing!

09/19/2012 08:54

Hi Urooj,
Thank you so much for pulling these sites together in one place. I'm brand new to freelance writing and I can see how helpful these sites will be for me! You're a gem!

09/22/2012 03:53

In addition we need to develop a high-quality web marketing if you want to succeed in the market.


Thank you for introducing five killer websites for the freelance writers. This will help them to get the latest articles and related news. From the above five, Unity is my personal favorite. Keep sharing these kinds of useful information to the world.

06/19/2013 07:32

The best way is to have a unique website design.

10/04/2013 09:07

Quality marketing is very important for the development of business


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