The higher the monetary bonus, the lower the performance.
Small business owner, are you? Entrepreneur maybe? Or is it your job to hire and retain employees in your workplace? Irrespective of why employee retention and performance should matter to you, if it does, this post is for you.

Subscribers please ignore this blog post. I am verifying my blog on Technorati and creating a new blog post containing their
Catering exclusively to the desire for uniqueness is a fallacy. No matter how unique we think we are or how individualistic our customers are, research shows that the herd culture prevails. Are you giving your customers the right herd to follow?
Businesses, big and small, are trying to customize their customer service, their products, their softwares, and their entire business processes for each of their customers. I won’t disprove this strategy, but in this post we’ll discuss a human behavioural tendency that is being ignored in this rush to customize.

For Businesses
Herd mentality rules!

Do you have trouble getting people to sign up for your email lists? Are you making newsletter after newsletter for a handful of subscribers, who may not read it at all? Are your feed stats abysmal? 
The solution is a 10 sec modification away.
In this post, I’ll share a one-step modification to your email collection process that will take all of 10-seconds to implement. This modification is based on a portion of a talk by Dan Ariely, Professor, Behavioral Economics, Duke University. 

If you think measuring the ROI of your marketing efforts on Facebook is next to impossible, here are three accurate methods to calculate it effortlessly.
Businesses marketing via Facebook pages rue the fact that there seems to be no way to measure their return on investment (ROI), where the investment is generally in terms of the money they put in to promoting the page and acquiring fans. 

However, you do not need any elaborate, technical setup to make accurate measures of whether your efforts are bearing fruits. In this post I’ll share three simple ways to measure the returns that sales campaigns on your Facebook page are giving your business.

Customer touchpoints are changing, with social media leading the race. Small businesses have the most to gain from this shift - if they only know how.
There is enough content (tips, tricks, strategies, plans...) online, and offline, about social media and how to use it to make your business an overnight success. And yet, very few businesses seem to get it right.

Let me adopt the skeptic's view here: How important is social media really? People who are interested in our products can find us on our website, right? Why entail the extra expenditure?

Photo Credit: Elke Suess (

Skittles, Forrester Research and may have the answers to those questions. 

Every business is different and can (and should) have a selling point that’s unique - that differentiates it from all its competitors. Does your business have one?
This is part II of a three-part series on ‘Is Your Business Idea worth Investing In?’

Do you know what smart investors look for when they consider your business plan?

This blog series is based on Reid Hoffman’s ‘Three Rules for Investing’. 

Hoffman is arguably one of the smartest investors out there; he is the co-founder of LinkedIn, an investor in online companies such as Facebook, Zynga, Flickr, Digg etc.

No matter how wonderful your product, how fantastic your service and how much you’ve spent in getting your business off the ground, unless you reach a “massive” audience, you will fail.

This is part I of a three-part series on ‘Is Your Business Idea worth Investing In?’

Today, every second person claims to be an entrepreneur. About 150k new startups are created each day. More than 65% of them fail.

A quick Google search on why businesses fail will throw up millions of relevant results, because there are a million reasons why a business may fail (and a million more that we don’t know of).

Does Your Business Have a Massive Audience?

Does your business spend a huge chunk of its marketing budget on social media?

Is your business spending numerous man-hours on Facebook or Twitter, trying to attract new customers?

You are not alone. Giving you company are your competitors. The customers you target are just as likely to be targeted by them. 

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