No matter how wonderful your product, how fantastic your service and how much you’ve spent in getting your business off the ground, unless you reach a “massive” audience, you will fail.

This is part I of a three-part series on ‘Is Your Business Idea worth Investing In?’

Today, every second person claims to be an entrepreneur. About 150k new startups are created each day. More than 65% of them fail.

A quick Google search on why businesses fail will throw up millions of relevant results, because there are a million reasons why a business may fail (and a million more that we don’t know of).

Does Your Business Have a Massive Audience?

Does your business spend a huge chunk of its marketing budget on social media?

Is your business spending numerous man-hours on Facebook or Twitter, trying to attract new customers?

You are not alone. Giving you company are your competitors. The customers you target are just as likely to be targeted by them. 

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